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Contemplation! | Ethan, Portugal September 2013

Homeless Charity Contribution
Thanks Ethan! Homeless Charity

When a Homeless Charity Contribution is made we donate to the Thanks Ethan! Homeless Charity - the objectives and aims are to work to drastically lower homelessness in our communities

Who is Ethan? – Why are we thanking him?

Ethan was born in Bolton, a town in Greater Manchester, United Kingdom in 1994 and experienced too many tragedies in his short life

With the loss of his parents and older brother all before he was sixteen Ethan could be excused for not being positive or happy – but he was, most of the time – and being his friend or work colleague was an absolute pleasure – he openly expressed compassion for others who were less fortunate than himself – his amazing personality, infectious laugh and unique aura made time spent with him so memorable. He became involved in Fiveola in late 2013 and put a considerable amount of time and ideas into the projects but sadly passed away in June 2018 before their final launches

In January 2019 Ethan’s friends and work colleagues thought about how they could thank Ethan for his input to the business and how the business, in remembrance of Ethan, could help rough sleepers and the homeless in Greater Manchester, who Ethan often bought food and hot drinks for, and on several occasions gave away hats, clothes and rucksacks to those who were more in need than he was

Ethan was always thanking people for helping him get through his life struggles, and Fiveola wishes to thank Ethan for his contribution to the business, so a positive, reflective name was decided upon for a charity which will act upon Ethan's concerns for the homeless – the Thanks Ethan! charity will strive to make a difference. Although Ethan never spent time rough sleeping, there were times in his life that he sofa-surfed and was faced with eviction and displacement from the family home. The most prominent fear that Ethan always discussed was the one of being homeless – on his way to meetings in Manchester he would stop and ask the homeless if they would if they would like food, a drink, and most importantly a chat - Ethan could talk to everyone and get a laugh and smile – he didn’t do it to make himself feel better, he hoped it would make a small difference to someone’s day, and now in his name we aim to make a big change to many people’s lives and futures

Thanks Ethan! (Ethan’s Angels) is a registered United Kingdom charity

Registered Charity Number 1185129

May sweet memories of friends from the past always come to you, when you look for them
And your inspiration, long may it last, may it come to you time and time again

Ethan Thomas Brennan, 8 January 1994 – 27 June 2018

Never was there a time when I did not exist, nor you; nor in the future shall any of us cease to be – Bhagavad Gita 2.12

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Helping our Homeless Communities
Expanding our homeless charity assistance
outside of Greater Manchester, UK
to encompass the Republic of the United States

Originally set up to help lower homelessness in the
Greater Manchester, UK, area, we are now expanding our reach
to other areas where assistance to helping the homeless,
people in hostels and many who are facing poverty is needed

Homeless charities, food banks, shelters, homeless support teams,
or anyone who works to help the homeless
please email us
and we will do our best to help

Thanks Ethan! (Ethan's Angels) Registered Charity Number 1185129